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Integrity creates quality, and quality wins the market.
Shanghai Huifeng Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Huifeng Medical Instrument Co., LTD. is headquartered in Shanghai city, China, which is known as "oriental Paris”. Innovated and developed steadily since the establishment of the company.


Huifeng Medical has been striving for innovation and steady development since its establishment. With a 30-year history in production, the company has accumulated rich scientific research, development, manufacturing and sales as one of the listed companies.


Specializing in the Manufacturing of LED Shadowless Operating lamp, Examination lamp, Operation Table, Medical Pendant, Head Bed Panel, Hospital Bed, Electrosurgicp Unit, Patient Monitor, Oxygen Bag, Air Mattress and Pneumatic Tourniquet, etc. The products are competitive enough in the domestic market in China and alsto popular in the global market.

Years Experience
Products varieties
Mature production chain

We have 3 factories, each focus on different product line. all things are under our own control. each production line neat and orderly, reasonable division of labor,Control the quality from the source and provide you with high-quality products. There is more support we can offer to you compared with trading company. No third party makes the difference.

Recognized as a Class A enterprise

HFMED takes respect for life-focus on professionalism-excellence-sustainable development as its action policy. It has ISO, CE, FDA and other certificates, and has been rated as a quality credit A-level enterprise for medical device manufacturers. Shanghai Food and Drug Administration has maintained Good business reputation, and always provide customers with satisfactory products.

Extensive cooperation market

The power distribution networks is meinly located in the Asia-Pacifc region and Africa. Actively expands its technical cooperation with Eurepe, the Unitelo States and other countries.The sales basein more than 50 countries aroule the world. It is committed to promoting "SFANGY!” brand and “HEMED” brand Gradually strive to achieve a global distribution of sales networks.